Sunil A. Ali

Personal Injury & Business Dispute Trial Attorney
Sunil A. Ali

Trial Attorney

As the co-founder of Ali Law Group, PLLC, Sunil is a dedicated trial attorney committed to advocating for individuals who have experienced injury or loss as a result of a wrongful act and/or omission of another. Specializing in personal injury cases, Sunil focuses on 18-wheeler incidents, motor vehicle collisions, slip/trip and fall situations, boating/maritime incidents, and wrongful acts leading to the loss of a loved one.

Sunil takes pride in his responsiveness to clients, ensuring they are kept informed and engaged throughout the claims process. With a commitment to making the civil process seamless, he fosters a familial bond with his clients, providing each individual with the highest degree of diligence and care.

Sunil also serves as an attorney for a diverse array of legal matters within the business realm. His expertise spans breach of contract, fraud/misrepresentation, defamation, debt collection, partnership disputes, and business formation.

Sunil’s multifaceted approach to the practice of law reflects not only his commitment to personal injury justice but also his comprehensive understanding of business dynamics. Whether representing individuals facing personal injury or navigating complex business disputes, Sunil’s dedication to diligent and compassionate representation remains unwavering.

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