Shamrez A. Ali

Personal Injury Trial Attorney
Shamrez A. Ali

Trial Attorney

Shamrez Ali, a founding member of Ali Law Group, PLLC, and esteemed of-counsel to various Texas law firms, specializes in representing individuals impacted by negligence causing personal injury and / or wrongful death.

His dedication extends to those who have lost loved ones or suffered physical harm in various situations, including 18-wheeler accidents, car accidents, slip/trip and fall incidents, boating/maritime incidents, aviation/airplane incidents, oil rig incidents, plant/refinery incidents, construction-site incidents, substance inhalation incidents, defective product, defective warning and defective manufacturing incidents, and work-related incidents.

Shamrez has provided diligent representation to countless individuals in personal injury and wrongful death-related claims and makes the process as simple as possible for his clients.

He believes in zealous and dedicated representation and puts his years of hard work and knowledge on the front lines for every client.

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Shamrez Ali: A Passionate Advocate for Justice

Shamrez is a dedicated personal injury attorney in San Antonio, TX,  whose passion for justice was sparked at a young age. Inspired by the iconic legal drama "And Justice For All," where Al Pacino portrayed the main attorney fighting for what's right, Shamrez watched that movie and knew from the age of six that he wanted to be a lawyer.

In the words of Shamrez, "No one can terrorize you. What’s right, is right." This philosophy has been the guiding force behind his legal career. Shamrez Ali is not just a personal injury attorney; he's a relentless advocate for those seeking justice after a personal injury or accident in San Antonio, TX.

With a deep-rooted belief in the power of the law to make things right, Shamrez brings a unique passion to the Ali Law Group. His journey from a first-grader inspired by a movie to an experienced personal injury attorney reflects a commitment to stand up for what is just and fair.

When you choose Shamrez Ali as your personal injury lawyer, you're not just getting an attorney; you're gaining a passionate ally who believes in fighting for your rights. Experience the difference that dedication to justice can make.

Shamrez speaks many languages including English, Spanish, Hindu, Arabic and Urdu.

"No one can terrorize you. What’s right, is right."

Shamrez chose the legal profession in order to inspire others and to truly help those in need.

There are very few professions that offer the ability to advance transformative change like the legal profession.

Shamrez began his career in the 2000s, interning for Laird Firm, PLLC, under attorney Robert Schaezler. His foundational understanding of the law was amplified during law school and solidified through practical experience and teaching in personal injury law.

Shamrez honed his skills through clerkships with Rudy Vasquez and Lance Curtright at DeMott, McChessney, Curtright & Armendariz, LLP before becoming of-counsel at Ramji Law Group. Over the years, he adopted new litigating methods from various attorneys, further enhancing his expertise as a personal injury attorney.

After several years fighting for what is right alongside Adam Ramji, Shamrez began Ali Law Group, PLLC as a central hub to continue representing those in need of a strong and dedicated personal injury attorney.

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Shamrez earned his Juris Doctorate in Litigation from Western Michigan University. His dedication to legal excellence began here, shaping his commitment to the intricacies of personal injury law.

Completing his Bachelor of Arts in Humanities/Humanistic Studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Shamrez developed a broad understanding of human experiences—a foundation that uniquely enriches his approach to personal injury law.

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